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Here you will find creations of different kinds that are available for direct delivery.

Either it is shown in an exhibition somewere or its stored in my workshop, waiting for the next exhibition.

The creations can be bought or rented. Price ex. ER 10 would cost 200sek/monith incurance included.

The webside will be updated as soon as anything happens. It maybe something newly created or something back from an exhibition.

Text and information about the different series are under the headlines in "home": INSPIRATION, HUMBLENESS, PRECISION, JOY, VITAMIN INJECTION and CHALLENGES.

Please call me for information.

+46 52 62 03 49, +46 708 43 46 06,


"Tones from AN". Glas artwork in fusingteknik and 14,18 och 24 carats of gold. All are about 18 X 48cm. and costs 6500 Sek each. Price in dollar, Euro and Gbp will come here later.

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Eggs of light. "Lines from Lemuria". Enlightend art with ceramic and specielly formed glas 
to each one of the creations. Se "Home" under  JOY. Sizes 30 X 40 X 8 cm.  7800 Sek.
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Unique ceramic artwork of stoneware. Burned in 1190degrees C. Painted in an environmental color I mix myself. The ceramic artwork is ment to have "the glow like the wings of a butterfly".
  Angel with Angel with Christening Angel with ER10 Angel with Wake up call
  dasies a globe angels yellow roses rosen- lillies of the  
          angel valley They are each
  50 X 65cm 50 X 68cm 37 X 50cm 50 X 65cm 50 X 65cm 51 X 63cm 36 X 63cm
  7900Sek 8600Sek 6200Sek 12000Sek 8600Sek 7900Sek 11500Sek
              for both

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