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"To search- and find beuty- is to search- and find your life´s inner topic",
Depak Chopra

I was working with an oil painting - of the sea.
My inner voice tells me:
I don´t think there will be any more paintings for a while. Maybe some ceramic work?
This felt right.
The voice says :
Maybe flowers in ceramic ?

This became the beginning of a collection of very unique pieces of ceramic images. Since then many strange things have happened during working with my art.
 - A scent of light flowers fills the room.
 - Light, that embraces me with happiness..
 - Words, that simply ARE inside my conciousness:. ”thinner layer of clay, a little more just
   there, build higher here... .
 - Time, that disappear, or 20 minutes turns into 6 hours.
  The clay images are being created under my hands.

The intension with my art:

 - To spread happiness.
 - To give ideas that will break patterns and broaden perspectives.
  -To take care of our lives, our fellow beings and our Mother Earth.

© 2011 Monica Ljungberg Öhrn